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Trade Secrets: Expert Tips on How to Fix Tights

Oh, no! The inevitable happened… your tights have begun to rip.

What to do!?

Do not throw them out! There are a lot of ways of maintaining tights that will give them a longer life, saving you and the environment.

Here’s our TOP 5

Clear Solution

Grab your clear nail polish, and dab it around the run. This will prevent your snag from growing and totally ruining your tights (not to mention…your day!) You can also spray the area around the snag with hair spray, which will harden your tights and make it wayyyyy harder for it rip further.

Sew What

Grab your needle and (matching!) thread and then start stitching around like a clock… from 12 to 6, 1 to 7, 2 to 8, etc.

This works best for small round tears on nylon tights, but can totally revive a pair of beloved tights.

That’s No One’s Business

 A hole on your tights that’s pretty high up? Whatever. You can still wear them and no one will ever know… or judge, because, hey, we’ve all been there.

Embrace It

Ripped tights can be totally gorgeous and stylish. This is a great sustainable option that lets you extend the life of your tights while still looking tres cool.

Double Trouble

Two pairs of identical opaque tights? Double up, because a. no one will notice the hole b. you will be so warm.


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