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Swimsuits for All: Guide for the Best Suits for Every Body Shape



I wish I had serious self-confidence to wear any bathing suit and feel like a total babe, but I honestly don’t right now. On a daily basis I try to exercise self-love on my body, after all, it has carried me 30 years through life and delivered my little girl. Some days I do succeed and think that I look amazing. Other days, however, nothing looks right, feels right…

So getting almost naked for the world to see is nerve-wrecking for me, and I’m not alone. When I spoke about it with friends, the vast majority of them were dreading the inevitable beach/pool party.

I turned to our in-house designer, Inbal, and asked her advice for which silhouette is best for my pear-shaped body. She gave me some super great tips and thought it would be fun to share!


Body Shape: Curvy at the hips, thighs and butt. Small on top.

Best Styles: Avoid boy shorts and wear a top that steals the show.

Horizon Strappy One Piece

Off Shoulders Hawaii Top



Body Shape: Large cha-chas!

Best Styles: One word: Support!  Anything with wider/adjustable straps will be perfect.

Urban Tribe Bikini Top

French Kiss One-Piece



Body Shape: Small chest, usually A/B cup

Best Styles: Wear super embellished tops or bandeau styles

Strapless Red Top

Urban Tribe T-Top



Body Shape: Full bust, hips, thigh and butt, y’know

Best styles: Highlight your gorgeous curves with looks that draw attention to your proportions, cut-outs are your best friends!

Cut Out Strappy Red

Seaside Red Bikini Top



Body Shape: Straight up and down, little to no curves

Best Styles: Patterns are your best friends, the more the merrier! Smaller bottoms give the illusion of a much fuller derriere! (<<<<Yes, that was supposed to almost rhyme....)

Hawaii Waist Band Bikini Top

Stars in Their Eyes Swimsuit

Let's celebrate our gorgeous bods, y'all




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