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The Official Zohara Gift Guide for 2017

Holiday Season is coming up, and we all have those long lists that we have to complete.

We’re here to simplify your life and offer a one-stop shop for all of those people you need to gift (and gift, well!)

Below please find our 2017 Gift Guide that will make your life so much easier:

Diva Niece

You know that moment in the middle of a holiday dinner where your highly precocious and confident niece begins her dance number? And everyone must stop everything and watch? It’s a universal family tradition and we never want her to change.

Rise and Shine Girls Tights

This a gift your sweet niece will absolutely adore! These tights come in a variety of colors, and with 10% elastane, offer a huge amount of movement that will let her do jazz splits as well as Swan Lake leaps next to the dining room table.

Twentysomething Cousin Who Is Too Cool To Talk To You Outside of Family Events

The only member of your family who can pull off both bangs and Gucci’s belt bags without looking like a total fashion victim. Buying that cousin a gift is serious pressure, and you want to hit just the right note: can’t try too hard, but still need to show you know what’s up.

Hollywood Boulevard Sheer Tights

You can rest assured that statement tights are having a moment right now: Alexander Wang and Gucci have confirmed it. And as a fellow informed member of all things cool, these tights are a seriously awesome gift. She can style them with ripped jeans, or put on an oversized chunky knit sweater dress.

Best Friend Who Has Insanely Expensive Taste

We all have one of these lucky ladies as friends: their budget for fashion dwarfs yours by a lot. This makes gift buying a seriously stressful task as you feel like you can never get it right, like, ever. Even though they love you no matter what, you want to reciprocate just once with a high-quality gift without breaking bank.

Grow Up Tights

These tights are seriously one of our favorite, not only are they made from the yummiest cotton ever, they also have a beautiful metallic print that screams understated luxury. And at $39, they are a perfect price point for any budget.

Rapidly Slimming Aunt

Your sweet aunt has started losing weight and she looks awesome. But nothing is for free—she’s had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe! And she’s not done yet…

You want to buy her a gift that celebrates her new figure, but don’t want to limit her by size.

You’re My Darling Angle Tights

These tights solve all of your issues. They fit a wide range of sizes, from 0-16, and, its angular design also flatter every figure. You are a gift-giving genius!

Office Secret Santa

This holiday office gifting tradition can always feel a bit tedious. It’s hard to know what to gift people you casually know:  you want to feel both safe and personal with your gift selection.

Zig Zag Walk Burgundy Tights

These tights are both universal and unique, as everyone loves a pair of yummy burgundy cotton tights to wear during the holidays. And with its print, no one can deny that these tights are pretty darn special.



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