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Meet Zohara

Let’s meet the women behind the brand!

Name: Yael

Position: Marketing Manager

Sign: Scorpio

Vice: Sephora

What’s your typical day at Zohara like?

Every day is a bit different! Usually, I’m running late, because of toddler meltdowns or horrid traffic. I grab a cup of coffee and off I go. My mid-morning is usually filled with emails, reading through blogs, articles and checking out social media. Then it’s planning our editorial calendar, photo shoots, handling press, influencers and content. It’s fun, dynamic and never boring.

What’s it like working in an all-female environment?

It’s honestly amazing. It’s my first time working in a female owned and run establishment, and I have to say…it’s really inspiring. As a young girl, I was convinced that women were difficult to work with, and it’s amazing seeing that being disproven over and over again. I love the support we receive from one another, especially when most of the women are working moms.

Yes… and with kids all around the same age

Yeah. It’s so funny comparing the toilet training sagas…especially since I’m the only one with a girl, and she can be just as mischievous as the boys.

What’s the hardest part of the balance?

Learning to detox from the intensity, to stop working and focusing all of my energy on my daughter. I keep the Sabbath, so that helps… no phone and we are forced to just BE. The other difficulty is of course logistical, pick up, drop off…it’s hard. And I have a bad commute. I still haven’t figured it out and I doubt I will. It’s just my life and I’ll have to accept that I will never perfect at it.

We’re hard on ourselves.

Terribly. Our hair is never good enough, we’re not good enough moms, and don’t get me started about our bodies…which is always a source of disappointment. And Instagram has only intensified it. Self-acceptance and self-love is so important.

Is there self-love in fashion?

There is and there isn’t. A lot of fashion is fantasy based, which can be both super aspirational and unrealistic. But the essence of fashion—which is self-expression—is really all about loving who you are and sharing that with the world. You see the beginning of a revolt against the whole “perfect” image, and that is so exciting.

Favorite Beauty Product: Estee Lauder DayWear BB Crème

Favorite Brand: Isabel Marant

Last Book Read: A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

Favorite City to Visit: Paris

Workout: Pilates

Favorite Tights: Anything from Mommy & Me, but especially the Rise and Shine, love matching with my Mini Me, Anaelle.


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