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Let’s Live Forever: How To Stop Destroying Your Tights

Size Matters

Meaning the thickness of your tights MATTER. The thicker, the better. Our 120 denier will last a very good amount of time and make their chance of ripping much, much lower.

Keep It Smooth

Smooth and short toenails and fingernails always ensure longer usage of tights. Removing rings as you scrunch up the legs of the tights from hip to toe always helps, as well as applying lotion to your legs prior to wear.

Toe the Line

Reinforcing the toe line to prevent that irritating big toe peek-through is super important. Best added protection is putting on a no-show sock before your tights. You can never be too safe.

Manual Labor

Hand wash inside out and air dry. Yes. There is no other way around it.

But, if you are lazy (editor’s note/confession: like me), you can machine wash them in cold water, inside out in a fine-weave mesh bag ALONE. Then air dry.

But really, just hand wash it.

Ice, Ice Baby

Cool fact: placing new tights in a freezer can double its lifetime. Run your tights under the faucet for a few seconds, wring out the excess water and place them in a plastic bag in your freezer overnight. When it thaws, you can begin to wear your super strengthened tights. This is a one-time thing, so highly worth it.

Always Be Aware

Nails sticking out that can snag material, sitting on concrete…etc. Be careful where you sit, and your tights will thank you!

Don’t Run Away

Your fave tights starting to run!? For small runs, apply clear nail polish at the edges of the run. If it’s gotten a bit longer, use hair spray. And if it’s become a marathon (haha!) maybe it’s time to cut them up and use them to patch up one’s in better shape.


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