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Fearless women, we’re all about leg empowerment.
With new collections of over 200 tights every year, Zohara Tights are expressions of the inner rebel in all of us: those that refuse to be defined by age, shape, or position. We manufacture high-quality, hand-printed tights that you will treasure for some time.


Zohara Tights was founded in 2010 to give legs a platform to express themselves. Immediately our tights became a cult item, with diehard customers needing their weekly dosage of Zohara love.


From two year-old trendsetters to irreverent ninety year-olds, we love seeing Zohara Tights on all women, in every size and age. We are obsessed with seeing our styles on four generations of women. We’re like the family doctor of legwear.


We’ve all been there. You buy a pair of tights, put them on and they rip immediately. It’s a shitty moment. Our tights are durable and with the proper TLC, they will last you a very long time.
We’re a brand for women, run exclusively by women. We love to hear from our groupies, so chat with us through Instagram, Facebook or email.
We can’t wait to go places with you.
Xx, Zohara


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